April 24th WebMingle Featured TalentDrive – Next up is SumTotal Systems


Our weekly web mingle is designed to give you some insight into the puzzling world of HR technology, discuss news from around the world that we find interesting, talk about upcoming events in our industry, and provide insightful interviews with people of our industry – who they are, what they do and why you should care. The WebMingle has become the most popular live Internet show in the HR technology industry!


The 55-minute WebMingle on April 24, the 19th in our WebMingle series, featured Sean Bisceglia is Chief Executive Officer of TalentDrive. It was another great WebMingle and we touched on a number of issues related to Talent Sourcing including:


·         Whether TalentFilter is actually an ATS or integrate with other ATS’s

·         Types of positions TalentFilter can source

·         What kind of company uses TalentFilter

·         How TalentFilter can help even in a down economy where your organization might have a hiring freeze

·         How TalentFilter matches resumes for an organization’s hiring needs

·         What’ s coming in the future for TalentFilter

·         How Social Networking plays into what TalentDrive does

·         …and more


About TalentDrive

TalentDrive has released the industry’s most innovative SaaS sourcing solution.  Over 55 global companies have helped us develop one of the most easy to use, on-demand, talent sourcing tools on the market.  Our technology sweeps and unifies thousands of databases in one location.  One search, one location, one technology.  Thousands of sources.


About Sean Bisceglia, CEO with TalentDrive

Prior to TalentDrive, Sean acquired and became CEO of CPRi in March 2003, and sold to Aquent in July 2005. In 1992, Sean founded TFA, which he sold to Leo Burnett in 1998. Sean’s success also is attributed to the profile he keeps within the business community. He serves on the advisory boards of various companies.


If you missed this past week’s WebMingle, or any of our past WebMingles, please visit our web site at www.HRWebMingle.com. You will see a complete list of upcoming guests and will be able to listen to past shows.


Our next WebMingle will take place on May 1 with Kimberley Kasper, VP of Marketing with talent management systems and learning management systems vendor, SumTotal Systems. We look forward to welcoming Kimberley to the WebMingle and hope to have you join us as well.


We hope to have you join us!


Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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