Talent Acquisition System Optimization Services


If you currently use a Talent Acquisition System (TAS), or really any kind of Talent Management System, please talk to us about how to best optimize your investment in your system. While the following is more specific to a Talent Acquisition System, HRchitect provides system optimization services for any kind of Talent Management System.

The HRchitect System Optimization consulting service offering is designed to assist TAS users in optimizing your current solution, regardless of what that may be, utilizing industry “best practice” recommendations.  These recommendations are delivered within the context of a review or audit of your existing strategic plans, recruiting requirements, system configurations, processes, integrations, internal system support structure, perceived system gaps and current adoption issues. The services provided will enable you to improve your existing solution thereby realizing a greater return on investment through greater recruiting efficiencies and increased system adoption. Our fixed-price bundled service package addresses the following key areas: 

  • Project scope and optimization strategy
  • Review of current corporate, HR, talent acquisition, HR technology strategic plans
  • Review of talent acquisition system requirements
  • Review of current system issues
  • Analysis of current  TAS configurations and utilization specific to:
    • Core foundation setup (i.e., organizations, departments, locations, segmentation, job codes, etc.)
    • Portal deployments (manager, recruiter, candidate, employee, on-boarding, CRM, agency)
    • Candidate application experience
    • Manager experience
    • Hiring process workflows
    • On-boarding
    • Reporting
    • Integrations
  • Optimization recommendations specific to:
    • Core foundation setup
    • Candidate experience
    • Manager experience
    • Requisition creation
    • Hiring process workflow
    • On-boarding
    • Reporting
    • Integrations
  • Development of a Configuration Workbook documenting key configuration decisions
  • Gap analysis between talent acquisition system requirements and your current TAS functionality
  • Change management and system adoption recommendations
  • Training recommendations

The service offering is expected to be conducted over a four week period with only one 3-day onsite session with your key project leads. The remainder of the project will be conducted virtually.  The end goal will be the development of five critical project documents: 

  • Configuration Workbook
  • Gap Analysis
  • Change Management Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Deployment Strategy

 The system optimization service delivery brings the following critical value points: 

  • Leverage  industry “best practice” expertise to improve system configurations and recruiting processes
  • Resolve perceived product issues through improved configurations
  • Increase understanding of your TAS’ product capabilities
  • Improve user experience through improved functionality
  • Identify critical change management issues to increase system adoption
  • Improve training methodology
  • Increased integration to internal and external systems, eliminating redundant, error-prone and time-consuming data entry and need for data validation

Contact HRchitect today at www.HRchitect.com to get the biggest ROI from your Talent Acquisition System or Talent Management System investment.

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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