Aug 14 HRchitect WebMingle Featured Saba, Next Up is Verifications, Inc.


Our weekly web mingle is designed to give you some insight into the puzzling world of HR technology, discuss news from around the world that we find interesting, talk about upcoming events in our industry, and provide insightful interviews with people of our industry – who they are, what they do and why you should care. The WebMingle has become the most popular live weekly Internet show in the HR technology industry!

So what is a WebMingle? It is a meeting over the web where we do some business, socialize and yes, we mingle over the web. Thus, a WebMingle.

The 60-minute WebMingle on August 14th, the 31st in our WebMingle series, featured A. G. Lambert, VP of Marketing with Saba. It also featured another appearance by the HR Weasel (see below). It was another great WebMingle as A. G. has fantastic insight into learning, talent management, social networking, and more. We touched on a number of issues related to that including: 

  • How the current economy is impacting the talent management space
  • Saba started in the learning space and how that has helped them address the broader talent management space
  • The value of integrating learning with performance and talent management processes
  • How social software and collaboration should be aligned with HR and learning organizations
  • Discussion around some of the great customer stories that Saba has
  • What users can expect at the annual user’s conference in October
  • Saba’s focus on customer service
  • What to expect in the future from Saba and what the market landscape might look like
  • …and more

We also had a special guest appearance in our studios from the HR Weasel. As you know, we always encourage people to call-in or visit our studios during the show. Since we share an office building with other tenants, there has been this person who has been bugging me in the hallway for weeks to get on the show since he wants to be on the radio. I told him to do a little research on our guest and their company before coming in, which he apparently did. Unfortunately he thought we were talking to Saab, the car company, instead of Saba. It made for an interesting conversation. I’m sure we will hear from him again next week.

About Saba

Founded in 1997, Saba (NASDAQ: SABA) is the premier global provider of strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) software and services. Saba’s people management solutions are used by more than 1,300 organizations and over 17 million end-users worldwide. Saba’s solutions increase organizational performance by aligning workforce goals with organizational strategy; developing, managing, and rewarding their people; and improving collaboration. Saba product offerings address all aspects of strategic HCM and are available both on-premise and OnDemand (

About A.G. Lambert, Vice President of Marketing for Saba

A.G.. Lambert is responsible for Saba’s corporate marketing initiatives. Lambert joined Saba in January 2007 as the company’s Vice President, Product Marketing, where he drove the launch of new products and the success of Saba’s solutions in the marketplace. He brings 15 years of corporate and product marketing experience to Saba from his work at leading technology companies, which include Infor, Extensity, Autodesk and Microsoft.  Lambert holds an MBA from the University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business and an undergraduate degree in Physics and English Literature from Washington University in St. Louis.

If you missed this past week’s WebMingle, or any of our past WebMingles, please visit our web site or You will see a complete list of upcoming guests and will be able to listen to past shows.

Our next WebMingle will take place on August 21 with Samantha Hanson, EVP of Products and People with Verifications, Inc., an onboarding and background screening organization. We look forward to welcoming Samantha to the HRchitect WebMingle next week.

We hope to have you join us!



Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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