Nov 6 HRchitect WebMingle Featured Taleo; Next Up is Aquire

Our weekly WebMingle is designed to give you some insight into the puzzling world of HR technology, discuss news from around the world that we find interesting, talk about upcoming events in our industry, and provide insightful interviews with people of our industry – who they are, what they do and why you should care. The WebMingle has become the most popular live weekly Internet show in the HR technology industry!

So what is a WebMingle? It is a meeting over the web where we do some business, socialize and yes, we mingle over the web. Thus, a WebMingle.

The 60-minute WebMingle on November 6th, the 43rd in our WebMingle series, featured Kevin Marasco, VP of Brand Marketing for Taleo. Kevin has great passion around talent management, marketing, business trends, innovation, and more. You can hear the excitement in his voice and we touched on a bunch of issues related to all of that including: 

  • Talent Management Trends
  • Taleo 10
  • Taleo World
  • Taleo Talent Grid
  • Macro Business Trends
  • Social Networking and Innovation
  • Global Talent Management
  • …and more

About Taleo

Taleo provides talent management software that helps companies develop their most strategic asset… people.  Taleo’s web-based solutions span the entire employee lifecycle, including recruiting, performance management, employee development and compensation. Unlike complex enterprise software or legacy HR systems, Taleo’s software is fast, mobile, social and designed exclusively to track and empower people.  Over 4,100 companies of all sizes – including 46 of the Fortune 100 – rely on Taleo to improve quality of hire, increase employee engagement and retain their top performers

About Kevin Marasco, VP Brand Marketing for Taleo

Kevin Marasco is vice president of brand marketing for Taleo. He is responsible for identity and brand management, creative services, website marketing and various marketing communication initiatives.  Prior to Taleo, he was senior vice president of marketing and sales support for Vurv (acquired by Taleo). There he was responsible for worldwide corporate marketing, communications, public relations, brand management, presales activities and sales knowledge management.

If you missed this past week’s WebMingle, or any of our past WebMingles, please visit our web site or You will see a complete list of upcoming guests and will be able to listen to past shows.

Our next WebMingle will take place on November 13 with Lois Melbourne, CEO and Co-Founder with Aquire, a Workforce Planning and Management vendor. We look forward to welcoming Lois to the HRchitect WebMingle next week.

We hope to have you join us!

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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