Don’t Miss Today’s HRchitect WebMingle with Derek Bluestone of Kenexa

June 17, 2010


The weekly HRchitect WebMingle is designed to give you some insight into the puzzling world of HR technology, discuss news from around the world that we find interesting, talk about upcoming events in our industry, and provide insightful interviews with people of our industry – who they are, what they do and why you should care. The WebMingle has become the most popular live weekly Internet show in the HR technology industry!

The WebMingle has truly redefined how people get information about vendors, trends and really anything related to HR technology and we are very proud of that.

Today’s guest is Derek Bluestone, Vice President of Product Marketing with Kenexa.

Kenexa® provides business solutions for Human Resources.  We help global organizations multiply business success by identifying the best individuals for every job and fostering optimal work environments for every organization.  For more than 20 years, Kenexa has studied human behavior and team dynamics in the workplace, and has developed the software solutions, business processes and expert consulting that help organizations impact positive business outcomes through HR.  Kenexa is the only company that offers a comprehensive suite of unified products and services that support the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to exit.

Derek Bluestone is Vice President of Product Marketing at Kenexa where he is responsible for product strategy and analyst relations across Kenexa’s Talent Management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Assessment and Survey lines of business. Over the last 20 years, Derek has held marketing and technology leadership roles with Unisys, Fiberlink Communications, SecureWave, Wyeth and StratosWare. Derek holds a Masters of Public Affairs degree from Indiana University (Bloomington) and a B.A. in Political Science from Earlham College.

Visit to listen live today, June 17th at 2pm CST to the 63rd show in our WebMingle series. If you missed any of our previous WebMingles, you can also access them from that page.

Below is a list of some of our upcoming guests:

July 1 – Adam Feigenbaum, COO, for Talent Management Systems provider, iCIMS

July 8 – Dan Finnigan, CEO, & Jamie Glenn, Chief Product Officer, of Social Recruiting Products & Recruiting Software vendor, Jobvite

July 15 – Lon Leneve, President & CEO of Compli, a Workforce and Compliance Management software vendor

July 22 – Sue Marks, CEO of Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm, Pinstripe Talent

July 29 – HRchitect 30 Days in 30 Minutes

We look forward to welcoming Derek Bluestone of Kenexa to the HRchitect WebMingle today and hope to have you join us as well.

If you would like to be considered as a guest on an upcoming WebMingle, please contact Tiffany Appleby at

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

HRtechnology Ironman – First Event this Friday, June 18, on Mid-Market Talent Acquisition Systems

June 14, 2010


Stemming from HRchitect’s wildly popular Beauty Pageant Webinar Series, the HRtechnology Ironman will pit vendors against each other during events specifically relating to particular areas of HR technology.

Each 90-minute webinar will feature 4-5 vendors who will compete before our audience in each individual event, head to head:

Swimming – The first of three skills.  Competitors will need to get ahead early by using this portion to discuss company history, overview, specific identity, financial viability, marquee clients, leadership team, etc. 

Biking – Stamina is required during the biking portion of the Ironman and race against each other by showing your product’s functionality, technology/integration, usability, configurability, etc.

Running –As in any competition, it is important to finish strong!  Competitors will fight it out by stating key differentiators of their solution and company.

Spectators will vote for their favorites between each competition and the winner will be announced at the conclusion of the event.  Media interviews, in the form of audience questions, will occur before the final vote and will count toward 25% of the total allotted points.

HRchitect has unparalleled knowledge of the many vendors in the HR technology space and maintains complete vendor neutrality. As the leaders in this marketplace, we feel it is our responsibility to help educate you, the consumer, on the many choices available to you and to help you make sense of the puzzling world of HR technology.

The Mid Market Talent Acquisition Systems Ironman on June 18 marks the first in this new series.  The field has been finalized with iCIMS, Newton Software, nowHIRE and SilkRoad competing for the title.  To register, visit HRchitect’s website at

Although a champion will be decided at the end of each HRtechnology Ironman, based on the votes of the attendees, it is important to note that the audience is not being asked to make a decision as to which product to purchased based on the Ironman alone. This web event is designed to provide exposure to a select group of qualified vendors in a short, informative and fun format.  HRchitect implores anybody contemplating an HR Systems purchase that they go through a software evaluation and selection process with the use of Decision Drivers before making such an important buying decision.


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