Do You Know Your Company’s Online Reputation?

January 21, 2014

- What you don’t know can hurt you -


For years, experts have cautioned job seekers to monitor and control their social media presence to prevent potential recruiters and hiring managers from getting the wrong impression from reading inappropriate comments and seeing those horrible photos that friends just love to post. In today’s employment market, it has become equally important for businesses to be aware of their online reputation.

Just as shoppers rely heavily on online services before making purchases for anything from electronics to furniture, shoes or appliances, job seekers now have many sites available to research a company’s reviews, CEO approval ratings, salaries, interview questions, and competitors, in addition to searching job openings. Where (not so long ago) these sites were merely places for disgruntled ex-employees to vent, they now provide the social-media savvy jobseeker with a handy resource to learn the ins and outs of prospective employers.

Of course, as with any compilation of user-driven reviews, there will frequently be a certain percentage of overly negative posts. That said, it is important that a company is aware of the overall perception being created in the job market. Are salaries in the organization well above or below the averages for like job descriptions? Is the typical job approval rating significantly lower than the competitor? Not only are these possible indicators for your future recruits, they are also possible indicators for attrition within your current workforce.

While targeted to job seekers, staying abreast of the activity on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and CareerBliss can provide a company valuable insight and resources:

  • Employment Brand – postings provide real-time visibility into the market’s perception of your quality as an employer, along with the up and down shifts in momentum as your world changes
  • Cheap Advertising – as the popularity of these resources has soared with potential candidates, the ability to post basic job ads free, or the option for low cost “premium” ads, provides the company with an economical outlet for recruiting
  • Know Thy Enemy – if your information is out there, so is your competitors’. These public forums provide the opportunity to track their trending, providing an alternative resource to try to stay ahead of potentially damaging activities.

Some additional considerations when monitoring your company’s presence in these forums:

  • Oversight – Most sites have some level of oversight, but you should also moderate the feedback posted about your organization.  Many forums will allow the company to provide some level of input to flag inappropriate content, possibly removing it. Keep in mind – strong opinions (even when they are negatively addressed toward your company) are acceptable; grievous venting, inappropriate comments or false claims are not.
  • Avoid Head in the Sand – While it is not uncommon to see a disproportionate number of negative reviews from the disgruntled former employee ranks, do not completely discount the negative reviews. Look for common themes or an up-tick in the number or frequency of negative posts. You do not want to miss a potentially costly trend in the workforce.

As an employer, keeping abreast (or even taking advantage) of these resources can not only provide you with the opportunity to gain greater insight into your employee satisfaction, but can help with recruiting expense, control your online brand, and provide a source for always needed competitive advantage.


Annastasia Bell
Director of Implementation Services

Annastasia Bell has over 15 years of experience in business development and management, project management, data capture and analysis, process development, and implementation management. A seasoned workforce management professional, Annastasia has delivered WFM consulting services to organizations such as Anchorage School District, Fort Wayne Community Schools, Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment, and Western Financial Group. In addition to leading the workforce management team at HRchitect, Annastasia regularly speaks at industry events and publishes educational content related to her work in WFM.

The Second Day of theHRshow 2009 Provided Us With 10 Great Presentations

June 12, 2009


After many months of anticipation, planning, and buzz throughout the entire HR industry, theHRshow 2009 virtual event completed its second full day yesterday with ten different presentations:


  • Web 2.0 Recruitment Marketing
  • Managing a Global Workforce with Global HR and Payroll
  • Secrets to Building a Successful Social Media Policy
  • Leveraging Assessment Technology
  • Building a Performance Based Culture Despite Economic Cycles Using Talent Management Best Practices
  • Employer or Big Brother – IM’ing, Blogging, & Other Off-Duty Conduct
  • Managing HR Risk Through Workforce Planning
  • How Do I Motivate My Employees During an Economic Downturn?
  • Six Degrees of Separation – How Technology Changes the Landscape of Recruiting
  • Emerging Trends: Anticipating the Future of Work

 Day 3 will continue today with 8 great sessions throughout the day from leading experts in the HR industry.

 One of the many comments received from attendees to the show summed it up nicely:

 “Kudos to you and the rest of the HR Show planning team on a job very well done.  I think you’ve set the stage for others to follow your lead with providing insightful sessions in an interactive, engaging and creative manner.”

 The show is completely free, thanks to the generosity of HRchitect and our sponsors. All you need to attend is access to a computer with an Internet connection!

 HR professionals can visit and select “Agenda” on the right of the screen to see a complete list of sessions. Simply register online for as many sessions as you’d like.

We’d also like to let you know that we are deep into the planning stages for theHRshow 2010, which is an on-site event that will take place February 4-5, 2010 in Frisco, TX. It will be the largest regional HR technology event in our industry and the one HR technology event you simply can’t miss!



Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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