February 13 WebMingle Featured Dr. Lewis Hollweg from Batrus Hollweg International (BHI) – Next up is Workforce Planning vendor, Aruspex

February 13, 2009


As you may know, our weekly web mingle is designed to give you some insight into the puzzling world of HR technology, discuss news from around the world that we find interesting, talk about upcoming events in our industry, and provide insightful interviews with people of our industry – who they are, what they do and why you should care.


The 55-minute WebMingle took place on February 13 as Rick Fletcher, President and Founder of HRchitect joined me in the WebMingle studio on Frisco Square Blvd. Our special guest was Dr. Lewis Hollweg, CEO and Founder of Batrus Hollweg International (BHI) who touched on numerous insightful topics including:


  How do companies maximize their selection of top talent?

  What does the future of selection assessment most likely look like?

  What is high definition selection science? We learned that HDAS allows each client to totally customize their assessment process based on current powerful research an anticipated future needs. Very powerful stuff!

  Leadership – Barriers to maximizing your leadership skills in our rapidly changing environment.

  Typical mistakes leaders make under stress.


About Dr. Lewis Hollweg and Batrus Hollweg International

BHI is a human capital consulting firm specializing in Talent Gauging™ — assessing and developing people to drive organizational results. BHI Talent Gauging provides companies with objective and quantifiable solutions for:


·         Selecting the best talent

·         Minimizing hiring mistakes

·         Growing internal talent

·         Aligning talent competencies and business goals

·         Gauging company climate to identify barriers and leverage points

·         Filling the succession planning pipeline with more precision


Throughout his 39-year career, Lewis Hollweg has focused on understanding the cornerstones of developing peak performing individuals and teams. He has consulted with many distinguished national and international clients in such industries as food service, airline, health care, hotel, manufacturing, and technology. Lewis has worked with top managers and their teams across the U.S. and Europe in the diagnosis of individual and team effectiveness. He is highly skilled in individual executive leadership, coaching and facilitating team change efforts, and team effectiveness.


If you missed this past week’s WebMingle, or any of our past WebMingles, please visit our web site at www.HRchitect.com. You will see a complete list of upcoming guests and will be able to listen to past shows such as:


February 13 – Lewis Hollweg, President & CEO of Batrus Hollweg International (BHI). 


February 6 – Todd Premo, Director of Solutions, and Chris Lennon, Senior Product Manager, from GeoLearning


January 30 – Jim Fowler, CEO and Co-Founder of Jigsaw, online business directory experts


January 23 – Peter Louch, Founder & CEO of Vemo, a Workforce Planning Vendor


January 16 – Charles Coy from Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading Talent Management Systems vendor


January 9 – Bill Gilmyers, Senior Consultant, Jeff Higgins, Executive VP of Client Services, and Mick Collins from workforce planning vendor, Infohrm


December 19 – Rick Fletcher, President of HRchitect joined Matt Lafata to talk about some of the significant events that took place in our industry in 2008 along with some observations and predictions for the future.


December 12 – Adam Feigenbaum, Director of Sales, and Susan Vitale, Director of Marketing from Talent Acquisition Systems and Talent Management Systems vendor, iCIMS


December 5 – Mark Willaman, President & Founder of Fisher Vista, LLC, the owners of several companies including HRmarketer


Our next WebMingle will take place on February 20 when Stacy Chapman and Tess Walton, Co-Founders of Aruspex, a Workforce Planning Vendor. Aruspex delivers Strategic Workforce Planning solutions that help organizations design and attain their future workforce.  We look forward to welcoming Stacy and Tess to the WebMingle and hope to have you join us as well.


We hope to have you join us!


Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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