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February 9, 2009


Let’s face it. The TAS marketplace is changing drastically every day and it’s important to keep up on the available products available today and what’s on the horizon in the near future. Nobody knows this marketplace better than HRchitect and we would now like to share some information with you as you face a critical decision time as to what to do with your Vurv system.
Due to the acquisition of Vurv by Taleo back in May of 2008, it has presented three possible directions for Vurv customers at this point.
1)  Stay on Vurv until Taleo eventually discontinues all support for the product. This will be in 2011, based on what Taleo is currently saying. Your contract may be expiring before that, causing you to make a decision sooner. Most Vurv customers we have spoken to have indicated they are having issues with Vurv currently and HRchitect would be happy to assist with Vurv product support services until a new ATS is selected.

2)  Convert to Taleo. Since we have implemented both systems more than any other consulting firm, we would love to help with the implementation, should you decide that is the best course of action. We also have tremendous post-implementation experience as well, including System and Process Optimization, User Adoption and Change Management, Report Writing, Integration Support, and System Administration Services.

3)  Evaluate TAS solutions and keep all options open – as the number one TAS consulting firm, HRchitect would be happy to assist and the following proposal reflects our evaluation and selection process
This webinar will provide you with: 

  • An overall understanding and observations of the current TAS and TMS marketplace
  • Background, high-level strategy and discussion of three options facing Vurv customers
  • Recommendations on moving forward
  • Who are the leading TAS vendors in the different market segments
  • Decision Drivers you should use as you evaluate replacement options
  • Questions and answers from our experts


HRchitect is considered the world’s leading TAS consulting firm and is the only consulting firm in this space that covers the entire Talent Management Systems (TMS) spectrum rather than just individual components.
HRchitect has been involved in the implementation of Taleo at over 80 companies and Vurv at over 30 companies and has been able to effectively manage implementation projects that have been very challenging from both implementation complexity and demanding client “culture” standpoints. Let us now help you.
An additional value that HRchitect brings to your firm is that no other consulting organization knows the TMS marketplace and vendors better than HRchitect. HRchitect has extensive experience implementing the majority of “tier one” and “tier two” ATS software solution. HRchitect has worked on over 600 client projects during the past twelve years and we have a unique understanding of what it takes to be successful. 

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

To register for this webinar event that will be held on Friday, February 13 at 11AM, click here.
Please join us.


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